Here’s what the GM of Anza Hotel said…

“We desperately needed people to augment our housekeeping staff during our grand re-opening! They reacted immediately to our request with professional, reliable, trained and uniformed staff. We continue to use their services months after the opening and are extremely satisfied with their performance”

Gennarro Moten at Anza Hotel

Here is what what Matt Pianin of Tomaro Design Group said:


It has taken us a long time to find someone that we can count on when it comes to interior cleaning. We have been doing this for a long time and the clients are always upset when they come to the house and see dust or something missed after they have paid for final cleaning. We have also hired companies that are extremely expensive. No matter how good the house looked it was hard for them to swallow the cost.

I feel like this is the best you guys have done for us. Our jobs are hard and it takes someone that truly cares about the house and how it looks for us at the end of the job to make this work. If you can find someone that really cares about what he is doing not just for Elite the company but for our company you will get an excellent product. No one walks the details of the house better the Rick and I. We try not to leave a stone unturned. This can drive sub-contractors crazy but it is the level of house we strive to bring to our clients.

I am saying this because I think we have find that guy in Eric. He was the one that made this happen. His attitude and follow through under very difficult conditions was excellent. When we call for the next cleaning (which will be soon) please make sure we get Eric. I will go a step further and say please make sure we get Eric for everything job going forward.

Thank you again,

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